Friday, November 12, 2010

The Photoshopping of Katie Couric

Hello there!

I gave my presentation about the photoshopping of Katie Couric. I specifically asked the class if they thought it was ethical to photoshop a news personnel. And whether they thought the person loses credibility. As we all know, photoshop is becoming a part of our daily lives. But as a journalist is it really ethical to photoshop? Even if you are a celebrity journalist, is it ok to be in magazines that will photoshop pictures of you? Especially when you are on television on a daily basis, and everyone knows what you look like. Let me know what you guys think!

Here's a few videos I found on photoshopping that I thought were pretty crazy!!


  1. I think journalists, though some may be considered celebrities, should avoid altered photos of themselves. I'm sure it would be hard to convince a producer or whoever is calling the shots that you want to appear un-retouched in your promo photos, but it's important to make a stand. Viewers and readers will respect those journalists who put themselves out there "as is" and avoid the Hollywood trap. After all, we are not meant to be models. We are meant to provide citizens with true and accurate information and nothing more.

  2. I agree. I think that Katie Couric, although a celebrity, should be held to the same guidelines as a reporter/anchor at KECI or KPAX. Celebrities or models, whose job is completely aesthetic, understandably have their bodies altered via Photoshop, but journalists are there to tell the people what is going on in the world and are not there to worry about how they're going to look. Caking on makeup because of cameras and lights is one thing, but altering your appearance by actually trimming your body is another.

  3. Katie Couric's waistline is not a journalist. Who cares?